Vouchers Barcoding

DNA Barcoding

Both sessile and motile vouchers will be DNA barcoded during this step. The DNA of each individual can be extracted though a variety of methods (extraction kits, phenol/chlorophorm extraction etc...) and amplified using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The degenerate versions of the universal Folmer primers (LCO1490 / HCO2198; Folmer et al. 1994): dgLCO / dgHCO (Meyer et al. 2005) and jgLCO1490 / jgHCO2198 (Geller et al. 2013) successfully amplify a 658 bp fragment of the Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I gene, the standard barcoding genes for metazoan, for most marine invertebrate groups.

Evans and Paulay (2012) have reviewed experiments conditions for marine invertebrate in the following book chapter: DNA Barcoding Methods for Invertebrates. We recommend using these conditions with the redesigned jgLCO1490 / jgHCO2198.


Motile photos