Getting Involved

Participate in ARMS research efforts by registering your project

Registering your project will grant you access to the data portal where you will be able to upload and update your deployment information in the Global ARMS Program database. Once we have reviewed your information, you will receive login credentials that will allow you to manage your deployment metadata directly online.

The database presently contains over 1,700 ARMS deployments and is publicly searchable using multiple search criteria including, but not limited to, geography, type of substrate, and dates. Search results can be summarized in a table format and plotted on high-res maps.

The Global ARMS Program also offers the possibility of ordering ARMS at cost from our supply stock. It can be costly and complicated to order small-quantities of pre-cut PVC and to source the right sized small parts. Ordering ARMS from the program alleviates these problems and ensures standardization. Below you have the possibility to enter the quantities that your project will need. Once you submit your information, you will receive within one week, a quote for your ARMS order. We require a 1 month notice for shipments within the contiguous U.S. and 3 months notice for international shipments. The program is responsible for the shipment and exportation of material but cannot oversee the importation process. Please, contact your custom agent to inquire about tax, custom and importation fees.

When you order ARMS from the program, you will need to upload and update your deployment information in the ARMS database.

Register Your Project: